Linda Lanyon

Linda Lanyon

The Attention Coach
Dr Linda Lanyon is a Certifed Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and PhD Cognitive Neuroscientist, specialising in the brain's attention systems. She helps professionals maximise their time, energy & impact so that they thrive in a world of distraction & overwhelm.

Through her neuroscience-based coaching, you can:
- reclaim your time, energy & focus🎯
- ditch overwhelm & the inner critic💪🏼
- live & work with more clarity & confidence

You can book her for a single session or 6 session package of one-to-one coaching focussing on your specific needs.


  • PhD Neuroscientist: Cognitive and computational neuroscientist specialising in the brain's attentional systems
  • Certified Professional Coach, using iPEC's Energy Leadership Coaching and Assessment
  • Background in neuroscience, international scientific coordination, technology (software engineering), and entrepreneurship.
  • 36-year career spanning academic, government, non-profit and private sector, based in 3 countries
  • Over 20 years of management experience