Yasmin Sakhnini (Bntqaweah)

Yasmin Sakhnini (Bntqaweah)

Strength is the key to happiness! Be Strong :)
Welcome to me, Yasmin (@bntqaweah on TikTok).
I have experience from getting the life back on track after being stuck in a destructive relation. I work with inspiring others to find their strength to make a Change in Life.
Do you want to hear my strategies to get out of the darkness, into Life?

Normally I have Workshops for many people, but through this service you can book a 1:1 video call with me, as you personal life coach. In the call we can speak English, Swedish or Arabic. (Swedish below)


Jag kan hjälpa och stärka dig kvinna som lever i eller har levt i en destruktiv relation.

Mitt mål är att inspirera dig att hitta tillbaks till den person du vill vara.


English, Arabic, Svenska